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     Meizhou Hongli circuit board Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 June, is located on banana line of 205 national highway Jiao Hua Industrial Park, Yishanbangshui, the environment elegant, covers an area of 2 square meters, is a company with the scientific management of jointstock enterprises.

        Hung lee company adhere to the "unity, cooperation, exploration, innovation, integrity, dedication, truthseeking, hard work" spirit of enterprise, pay attention to personnel training, professional technical team has a number of highquality, mainly engaged in circuit board (PCB) manufacturing business, technology advanced equipment, strong technical force, product type, single doublesided, multilayer board, single panel design production capacity of 30000 square meters, dual panel design production capacity of 20000 square meters.

        "Customer satisfaction, is our pursuit". The company peopleoriented, scientific management, humanization, standardization, systematization, committed to creating a firstclass quality to win the market. Enterprise was awarded the ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification, American UL safety certification, ROHS environmental protection certification.

       Enterprise products, reliable performance, stable quality, fully meet the requirements of national standards, best-selling all over the country.

       Hongli people adhering to the "product quality is the life" business philosophy, in the international market, is willing to work with our customers together, hand in hand, create brilliance!

    Company name :Meizhou Hongli circuit board Co., Ltd.
    Address:Meizhou city Manila Manila ridge industrial park
    Contact us:Mr Fu
    Copyright @ www.ericmassa.com All Right Reserved property in copyright Meizhou Hongli circuit board Co., Ltd.
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