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    Life play a very important single circuit board
    Time:2014-9-23 Click:1410

    Single-sided circuit board is in the early 1950 s with the emergence of transistors, developed products, centered in the United States was the main method for copper foil etching method directly for the mainstream.For the first time in 1953 ~ 1955, the Japanese use imported copper foil made paper phenolic copper foil substrates, and a large number of applications in the radio.In real life the selection of circuit board is generally based on board, the complexity of the circuit, and the cost of a area the size of your choice.
    Double-sided circuit board is mainly to solve complex circuit design and the limitation of the area, in the plate on both sides of installing component, the double layer or multilayer line.As for applied in what fields, as long as there is electric circuit board can use, but because of single panel and double panel, monolayer and multilayer are different, the cost of a surface layer and the higher the more cost.So the designer usually to meet the requirements of assembly, at the lowest cost calculation.
    See more in life single-sided single-layer board: the color TV sets, sound borne power amplifier, induction cooker...The single side double: air conditioning, refrigerator, set-top boxes, VCD/DVD...Single layers: computer motherboards, LCD TV...So said circuit board also played a decisive role in the life.

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