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    Taiwan panel capacity 2.2 billion subsequent big gap now
    Time:2014-9-23 Click:1409

    companies large single intervention in Korea and Japan, plus panel has yet to recover from upstream enterprises, increase of 2.2 billion large single can implement and the possibility.

    New orders are not sure
    Bai Weimin an interview with our reporter, the Taiwan purchasing in January of this year, "BBS" flat display industry cooperation across the Taiwan straits have been identified, "at that time, for the intention to purchase nearly 2.2 billion yuan, this is implemented."
    Mainland because of "home appliances to the countryside", "cash-for-clunkers" policy to drive in the second half of the flat panel TV demand rose more than 100% of the expected good, mainland enterprises procurement in Taiwan share common double, that makes this is in short supply chain upstream more tight, how to implement the become a difficult problem.
    Starts after the "February this year began to increase more than 70%, but due to the upstream of the corning enterprises starts not recover in time, in a short period of time to improve capacity nor too reality."Chimei panel TV enterprise always place, deputy director of the mao-sheng hung told reporters.
    According to reporter understanding, panel upstream enterprise is unable to timely and production is the main reason for the LCD TV industry is in short supply.China electronic visual association deputy secretary-general Hao Yabin said that since last year's financial crisis, the upstream enterprise loss serious, even bankruptcy.And the mainland market and the north American market recovery, let the upstream enterprise historical data, capacity of short-term recovery is unlikely.
    "On both sides agreed on purchasing a signal for the korean-owned enterprises. After a month, korean-owned enterprises in cash purchase Taiwan screen frequently, digest inventory become another cause of mainland enterprises short-term purchasing hard."A panel manufacturers for the newspaper said.
    It is reported that Taiwan's main panel production in December last year from da, chi mei, and more than 400 panels can be sold, but since February of this year, south Korean companies such as samsung and LG with cash from the hand of the au optronics and chi mei bought Taiwan panel giants since October last year accumulated 4 million pieces of inventory, and annual purchase agreement signed in 2009.The mainland panel began serious shortage.
    Must throw large sheet
    Thrown it is understood that since the korean-owned enterprises, after the big single panel prices from February 2009 also begun to rise for five consecutive months, more than 20%.32 inches, for example, panel enterprise hopes of out of stock, its price from the bottom of the $130 up to $165 in May, has directly bid $200 acquaintances.At the same time, in the large-scale procurement Taiwan panel at the same time, samsung, LGD to control panel to mainland China color TV enterprises supply quantity, and price requirements are put forward.
    Market analysts believe that due to the north American market to heat up and the market inventory is not much, panel manufacturers prices is inevitable.The recent published mainland home appliance "cash-for-clunkers", another wave of LCD TV replacement, will inevitably lead the LCD TV panel prices afternoon watching qiao.
    Although each vendor to commercial secrets declined to purchase price, but the appliance manufacturers said, because of the push of the policy, the demand for flat-screen televisions in the second half of the panel prices and mainland will rose more than 100% of the expected, it is imperative to strengthen the panel purchasing at present.
    The dull ache mainland panel
    Mainland joint procurement Taiwan screen color TV enterprises, and expand the scale of procurement, reflects the mainland panel manufacturers.
    Skyworth seana news spokesman, said the panel TV enterprise at present are 32 inches or more, the production line is at least seven generations, but the mainland panel companies in five generations in production line, with 32 in the following products is given priority to, can't meet the needs of the whole machine.
    It is understood that the current mainland panel manufacturers are mainly, utilizes and boe longteng, its main production line in five generations of 19 inches and 22 inches, up to 26 inches panel, mainly facing computer display market.And the above three companies are losing money, even if is best to day Beijing east, although hefei investment six generations of wire funds are fully in place, but the energy production offline until the end of 2010.
    Mainland panel enterprise cannot meet the requirements of the machine manufacturers, are growing requirements of Taiwan to mainland investment in factories.However, taiwan-funded enterprises to the mainland factories enthusiasm is not high.Experts say to our first concern technology change, new type of industrialization of OLED display technology already in "the gate".More important is the Taiwan local economic factors, IT, electronics is Taiwan's local pillar industries, the transfer of a large number of investment projects is unlikely.
    And, as a result of the global economy has not fully recover, only on the continent needs, the Taiwan panel will desire to build a factory to the mainland investment still is not high, taiwan-funded enterprises in 2009 spending cuts is a foregone conclusion.
    Five panel "for Taiwan companies, the future development strategy is to realize the mainland market is the biggest factor that decides the LCD panel prices, gradually reduce the dependence of Japan and South Korea order, to increase the supply of tablet to mainland enterprises."AOC spokesman dina liu said.

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