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    In the first half of the global PCB industry performance
    Time:2014-9-23 Click:1501

    In the first half of the global PCB industry performance
    The 2014 global PCB industry profits will be submitted to the double digits.Taiwan and China will continue to be high in the first place, other markets such as Japan, North America, Western Europe, and South Korea this year will remain stable.
    Taiwan, Germany, North America, China, Korea and other countries also disclosed information.PCB industry production data during the first half of 2014 the following summary: meti has released June production circuit board industry data.
    Income of 40.67 billion yen, Japan June shipments have obvious signs of rebound.About 5.8% more than last month shipments up to 1.143 million square meters, more than last month increased by 4.8% in the month, revenue and shipments are of record of 2014, but when the data is compared with the same period last year, shipments, though 7.8% revenue decline 1.9% reflecting the cause of the shipments increase because falling prices.For Japan's main production build - up of a multilayer PCB industry is concerned, this trend is not uncommon.Shipments from the same period last year rose 8.6% this year but revenue fell 4.1% visible prices fell 12% in the past 12 months.Due to local demand for printed circuit board is limited to mobile phone, so circuit board manufacturers only at a low price to play competitors, attract customers.
    Revenue and shipments gap bigger.Shipments rose 6.2% than the same period last year, but a 27.4% drop in revenue sales price down within a year more than 33% of the double panel and laminated main customers are foreign manufacturer of smart phones and tablet computers, as for the other major Japanese PCB industry products - double side and multilayer soft board.Japanese PCB manufacturer mainly in the face of competition from Taiwan and mainland China.
    Circuit module and packaging and loading board of revenue and shipments are rising, the main customers of these goods are packaging companies overseas.Review in the first half of 2014, its total accumulative total income has 2, over the past two months.30 billion yen, compared with the same period last year dropped 1.2% for the local industry, this is no signs of a rebound, expected this year will be better than 2013 (20132008) the worst year since
    Than the same period last year growth of 7.49% soft panel makers for double digit growth, nearly 20% of manufacturers will be in the second half is expected to continue to receive orders, therefore Taiwan will hopefully reach double-digit growth in 2014.Taiwan reported earnings amounted to nt $194 billion for the first time.
    But in the first half of the total circuit board shipments are down 0.3% than the same period last year, this year is expected to maintain a steady state.In North America, electronics industry in 2014, a rebound in the second quarter.
    Manufacturers in the second quarter increased by 3.2% during the first half of receiving more orders.German industry and more uncertain, Germany.It's hard to make sales forecast.However, don't expect there will be more than 5% growth this year.
    Only make the following profile: as the biggest customer of samsung electronics, circuit board industry in South Korea has not released substantial data.Is a strong competition in the face of Chinese manufacturers.Galaxi series is samsung's flagship product, but market share continued to decline.When samsung meets what crisis, worrying all south Korean PCB manufacturer.Competition makes the circuit board factory in Vietnam and China sales price and production cuts, one after another south Korean domestic market is expected to have positive growth.

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