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    The design of the circuit board via considerations
    Time:2014-9-23 Click:1400

    The design of the circuit board via considerations
    In order to provide recent circuit for signal.Can even be placed on the circuit boards of some redundant grounding via.Of course, the signal change layer via placed some ground near a hole.Also need flexibility in design.Discussed earlier via model each layer are welding plate is the case, and sometimes, some layer bonding pad can be reduced or even removed.Especially via density is very big, can lead to the copper layer to form a partition circuit fault trough, solve this problem in addition to moving the position of the hole, you can also consider a hole in the copper layer of bonding pad size decreases.
    Can see in high-speed PCB design, through the analysis of parasitic features across hole.Seemingly simple via often can bring a lot of negative effects to the circuit design.In order to reduce via the adverse effects of the parasitic effect, in the design of can try to do it
    Choose a reasonable size of the hole size.Such as the memory of the 6-10 layer module circuit board design, considering from two aspects of cost and signal quality.Choose 10/20 mil/pad) drilling hole is better, for some small size of the board, high density can also try using 8/18 mil hole.Under the condition of current technology, it is difficult to use a smaller size of the hole for the power supply or ground via, can consider to use bigger size, to reduce the impedance.
    Use thinner PCB is advantageous to the reduced via two parasitic parameters.Discussed above two formulas can be obtained.
    That is to say, try not to use unnecessary holes.Signal on the circuit board line as far as possible not in layers.
    A hole between the pin and the shorter the lead, the better, the power and ground pins to nearby over a hole.Because it will lead to the increase of inductance.Power and ground leads to coarse as far as possible, to reduce the impedance.

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