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    Before the circuit board processing cause the process of problem analysis
    Time:2014-9-23 Click:1509

    Before the circuit board processing cause the process of problem analysis
    A character can use PH detector to monitor the PH of the water. In the and overlapping type between collecting plate with a sun disc plate cleaner to cool off board, suction roller of wetting is specified, it is best to have two groups do alternative clean water wheel, air knife point need to confirm before the daily homework, and pay attention to the drying section duct for loss or damage.
    And process circuit boards, engineers often as forensic - the autopsy responsibility (bad cause analysis and countermeasures.), launched this discussion topic,
    1. The problem is happening on the circuit board process are various. The main purpose for equipment section discuss each points on people, machine, material, material, conditions may lead to problems, hope all of you to participate in and propose their opinions and views.
    2. Use the process of pretreatment devices, for example: the inner pretreatment line, a copper plating pretreatment line, D/F, welding, resistance welding)...And so on.
    3. With hard board PCB welding (resistance welding) pretreatment line, for example, is different with the vendor) : brush grinding * 2 - > group - > wash - > acid washing - > cold knife - > drying section - > the sun disc plate - > discharging plate.
    4. General use the brush wheel is # 600, # 800 diamond brush, it will affect the degree of surface roughness and then affect the INK and the copper surface adhesion. The brush wheel after used for a long time, if the products to be not around, easy to produce the phenomenon of dog bones, which leads to uneven surface coarsening line even after deformation and printing copper surface and INK has a different color of love, for the whole brush. Brush brush mark before grinding operation, need to do the test (D/F is combined with rupture test), measured brush mark understanding degree of about 0.8 ~ 1.2 mm, depending on the product is different with other, brush after update, aimed at the level of the brush wheel to make correction, and need to add the lubricating oil 潻 regularly. If not boiled water when the grinding brush, or spray pressure is too small not scallop Angle to each other, is easy to produce copper powder, copper powder will be slightly lead to finished product testing circuit board micro short circuit (dense line) or high pressure test unqualified form.
    In pretreatment another easy problems to the problem of surface oxidation, this will lead to the board face bubbles or cavity after H/A.
    1. The pretreatment of solid water retaining roller position errors, make acid to wash section to the excess, if after a period of water tank shortage or injection of water shortage, can lead to acid residues on the surface.
    2. Washing section water quality bad, or when there are impurities will make a foreign body attached on the surface of copper.
    3. The suction roller if dry or after absorbing water saturated, the water on the circuit board will not be able to effectively will stay products away, makes the floor of the water and hole of the residual water too much, the wind of subsequent knife can not fully play a role, then, as a result of cavitation will guide hole edge mostly, tear shaped type.
    4. When discharging plate temperature when there are still remaining, overlapping type plate, copper makes the plate surface oxidation.

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